What's the Difference Between Members, Players, and Stars?

Members are all the people who belong to a group.  These can be parents, coaches, kids, or other people who need to closely follow a given team. 

Players are the athletes playing on the team.  Players are listed on a Team's roster and typically include names, jersey numbers, and positions.  A Player record is associated with one, and only one, Team.  Once a Player is added to a roster, they can be tagged in highlights associated with that team.

Stars represent global profiles of a single athlete which can be associated to multiple Player records. For example, if your daughter plays for both her High School Team and a Club Team, she would have one Star Profile, where her picture and other information can be entered, and two Player records (one for the High School Team, and one for the Club Team).  You can "claim" a player as being a Star by clicking the 'claim' icon (a '+' sign) next to a player entry on a Team roster.

In other words, a Star record represents an actual individual, while a Player represents the participation of this Star on a given Team.

Videos can be tagged with a given Player.  Once that happens, both the Star record owner and all Star Fans will see a notification, and will be able to watch that video.

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