How Do I Change my AmperVue Profile Picture?

You can manage your AmperVue profile picture by choosing any of the following options:

  • Default - AmperVue will select a random icon as your profile picture.
  • Social Networks - If you choose to connect your AmperVue account to Facebook, Google, or Twitter, AmperVue will use the same profile picture as the given social network. When you change your profile picture on your connected social network, your AmperVue profile picture will be automatically updated. This process is done automatically if you choose to sign up using an already established social network profile. You can also do this at any time in the future by navigating to your 'my profile' tab. Under 'Settings', you will find an option labeled 'associate to social account(s)'.
  • Manual Upload - If you'd like to use a photo saved on your computer, navigate to the 'My Profile' tab. Once there, choose 'Settings'.  Select 'Upload profile picture' and follow the instructions on your screen to upload a photo from your computer to use as your profile picture.

See 'Changing Account Settings' for more information.

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