AmperVue is FREE to use; forever.

Here's what you can do on our site for FREE:

  • Create Groups/Teams
  • Invite Members
  • Define Roster
  • Define Events  
  • Upload & Share Game Video
  • Tag Players in Videos
  • Create Star Records for Players on Multiple Teams
  • Share Videos via Social Media or Email
  • Save Videos for 90 days
  • Share Game Video with pponents

Additionally, AmperVue automatically does the following for FREE:

  • Optimizes your video for playback on the internet
  • Notifies your entire team when new videos are available
  • Notifies each user when their Stars are tagged in a video

Optionally, AmperVue offers the following premium services:

  • Create automated, professional highlights of an entire game
    • $29 / game / team
    • Our computer-vision algorithms will analyze an entire game and convert it into several professional highlights; one for each play of the game. All of our highlights automatically include replays, graphic overlays, and slow-motion sequences. All our highlights are annotated with the type of actions and the players involved so it's simple to find the videos you want later. We give every player the all-star treatment they deserve.
  • Long-Term Video Storage
    • We save all the videos on our website for 90 days for free.   But each user can save their favorite videos on our site for as long as they'd like.  We offer options to save videos month-to-month or to save a video for the life of a user's account.  
      • Monthly:  $0.01 per minute per month  ($0.10 / month minimum)
      • For Life:  $0.40 per minute ($0.99 minimum)

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