What is a Static Camera Setup?

AmperVue recommends using what we call a 'static camera setup' for recording game video. We find that static camera setups offer the most effective way to capture game footage and produces the best AmperVue highlights. This setup also requires almost zero effort from the videographer so they can enjoy watching the game.

A static camera setup uses one or more video cameras with wide-angled lenses (including action cameras, like GoPro or Yi brand cameras) set around 9-15 feet above the playing field (this is usually achieved using tall tripods or light stands). The cameras are left unmanned and not moving (hence 'static') for the duration of the game.

The camera(s) should be placed so that combined they can see the entire playing area. The minimum number of cameras required to accomplish this may change from sport to sport, or even venue to venue. Typically a basketball court can be covered with one camera while a soccer/football field requires two cameras.  Our sports-specific guides go into more detail about setup tips for individual sports.

You may use as many cameras as you want, as long as you have at least enough to fully capture the playing field. Any extra cameras set up will be used to provide different angles for replays and highlights, adding even more professionalism to the finished highlights. As such, it's recommended you place extra cameras with that in mind. Since you already have your base cameras covering the field, having any extra cameras aimed at specific areas of the field where high activity or major plays are most likely to happen, like at goals or endzones, is a good place to start.

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